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Harvest Boxes

Each week a burst of fresh flowers from our ‘English Cottage Garden’ and a loaf of warm bread of various kinds - sometimes freshly made shortcakes, sometimes a dessert bread, sometimes a luscious yeast bread, sometimes some cookies! 

Tucked in each will also be a jar of our jam kitchen’s best concoctions - often a jar of the jam being made that day - or perhaps an herbal vinegar with a recipe - or maybe a dessert sauce, or a pickle or an applesauce or a jar of home canned fruits.

A half dozen eggs from Amelia’s chickens are included each week as well.  Amelia’s chicken eggs come from Araucana chickens ( blue, green and beige eggs), Welsummers ( dark brown eggs). 

The centerpiece of our harvest boxes are our fruit offerings.  A four quart basket-worth of fruits each week gathered from our fields and orchards - strawberries, sweet cherries, apples, blueberries, raspberries - what a treat! 

We often include a bundle of herbs and often a recipe to enjoy using the particular product we are including. 

One of our recipients said, ‘It’s receiving a surprise each week!’. 

Sometimes participants share the delivery.  We can accommodate skipping your vacation weeks as well - or we can double up contents on weeks that you might be entertaining.

Harvest Boxes

Participate in our harvest box program!

Our spectacular harvest boxes can be picked up at our market Wednesday after 1 p.m.,  or delivered to the 1st Baptist Church at the corner of Allen’s Creek and Clover Streets between 5 and 5:30.  Order our harvest boxes by the month, order by the week, or share a month’s worth with friends each taking their own week.   

Let us know at the time of your reservation where you would like to pick up your box. Reservations may be made by calling our market at 585-638-8838.

Each box contains a selection of our farm’s best harvest and offerings.  Enjoy  some details below

Have fun and eat well!!