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Nature and Floral Workshops
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  Hurd Orchards Nature and Floral Workshops 

* Please refer to our 2019 Calendar for dates and times of currently scheduled events *

Watercolor Pressed Flower Tea Towel
A wash of June garden colors in watercolor spirit. Have you ever thought of using petals them-selves as paint? Stroll through our flowering gardens, gather blooms and become an artist for a day. Megan Burley will lead this class in simple, fresh, garden art helping you transfer the natural pigments of petals to a lovely cotton tea towel to take home and keep.

Sunflower Wreath Class
Happy sunflowers stripe our fields with golden hue in late summer. This wreath will glow with the warm color of the season carefully preserved to keep.

Hydrangea Wreath Class
The blush of fall hydrangeas dried to perfection. A wreath of these pillowy blooms will grace any mantle, table or doorway.

The Wheat Wreath Class
The classic spirit of harvest with golden sheaves of grain. This is a meaningful wreath imbued with the symbolism of wheat and all that it has meant to cultures both old and modern. Subtly elegant, it will bring warmth to your home through fall and holiday and winter alike. A testament to our agrarian roots and values.

Harvest Garland Class
As summer gives way to autumn and the earth quietly washes with fall color we will twine our harvest garlands of fall gatherings - a bit of bittersweet, a glow of golden yarrow, perhaps an ear of Indian corn or a spray of twigs. This classic but artistic garland will be perfect for your autumn
table or will be stunning as a welcome on your door front.

Winter Woodland Wreath Class
Elegant blueberry juniper and birdís nests. Pine cones plump and round, or long and slender, or wide and dark, or tiny. Spruce and soft fir and long needled pine. Larch and cedar. Red and golden osier. Gather together the spirit of winter to adorn your door from November to March.
A wreath of the local landscape!

Williamsburg Wreath Class
A rich tapestry of traditional forest greens twined with berries, natural preserved flowers, tiny fruits, nuts and winter berries. Exquisite and classical. Will last through the holiday season. Great for a centerpiece as well.

The Holly and the Ivy Wreath Class
The holly tree is one of the oldest symbols of Christmas. The breadth of our materials - hollies with shiny leaves, twigs and winter berries, ivies both green and variegated, traditional boxwood and golden tipped - give this wreath a stately presence. Timeless.

Deck the Halls Classic Holiday Wreath Class
A classic Christmas wreath incorporating all that we love about this season and our natural materials. We will use boughs of evergreen gathered from our forests and plantings, cones big and little, flowers preserved from the gardens and berries of the season.

** Please refer to our 2019 Calendar for dates and times of currently scheduled events  **