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Children's Farm Life Program

Welcome to the farm!
Come experience life on an American fruit farm. From planting to picking, from jam making to baking, find out what a farmer's day is all about. All children's programs include a farm fresh lunch, many parts of which the children will have helped to prepare with their own harvest gatherings. Our children’s programs are family days for children from 2 to 92 to enjoy together.

 Reservations are required for all of our programs and may be made by calling our market at 585-638-8838. 

Reservations for our programs are pre-paid and non-refundable.

Hurd Orchards Children's Programs

* Please refer to our 2019 Calendar for dates and times of currently scheduled events *

Peter Rabbit Tea
One of our favorite events for little ones. Especially planned for toddlers through grade three, our day includes the reading of the Beatrix Potter favorite, a lunch from Mr. McGregor’s garden. We’ll plant seeds, rake and hoe, and spend time with Peter himself and at least one sister!

Strawberry Shortcake Children's Day
A charming beginning to summer! Come pick berries in old fashioned strawberry crates and have a short farming lesson. Cook up a delicious strawberry shortcake in our bakery and a pot of strawberry jam in our jam kitchen. Take a wildflower walk gathering the June meadow’s daisies for daisy chains and centerpieces and relax over a lovely lunch.

Ladybugs, Bunnies and Blueberries
This program is Amelia’s idea and we are so excited! Explore with us the varied parts of our farm life - fruits and furry friends, the discoveries of the meadow, fresh eggs from our chickens and bread from the bakery. Did you know that our native Ladybug has not been seen in years? Make a ladybug wand and swish the meadow in discovery. Amelia will give a correct rabbit showmanship demonstration for anyone interested. Come discover the other treats we have in store!

County Fair Children's Day  Farmer Boy,  the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband, Almanzo, took place on a farm in Malone, New York. Just like Almanzo Wilder, come and enjoy this wonderful day on our farm. Gather fruits, make jam and prepare for the Fair! Judge pies and breads, bunnies and flowers, and specimens of fruits from the orchard and vegetables from the garden. Relax with a country farm lunch.

Pick a Peach Children's Day
Oh August! Soft peach and coral zinnias in a vase. Learn how we grow this most delicate fruit - how to pick without a bruise - how to grow that big, juicy peach. Enjoy a lunch with your own handmade peach jam and a tempting slice of peach pie. Peaches are a rare summer treat. Celebrate!

Blackberry Cobbler Children's Day
Plunk, plunk, plunk these shiny fat blackberries fill our tin pails and then are washed and baked or jammed or included in a luscious bubbling cobbler topped with whipped cream. We will pick blackberries and the picking is fun! Our blackberry bushes are tall and thornless and this year will be loaded with fruit. Go to the field and have fun in the sun. Our goal is to make sure each participant leaves with a smile.

Butterfly Garden Children's Day
As butterflies flutter by... during this delightful day we will investigate those who inhabit our farm world with us... catch a butterfly with a net, dig deep and watch the earthworms work. Have a great lunch, complete with beautiful butterfly cookies, make a butterfly bouquet and painting!

Sunflower Children's Day
August is a month of golden hue. Put on your straw hat and walk with us in our glorious sunflower fields. Learn about how we keep things watered in the hot summer sun. Make a painting of summer gardens on the farm and a bouquet of your favorite smiling sunflowers. Enjoy an old fashioned picnic in the orchard with corn on the cob...summer salad...freshly squeezed lemonade .... and other delicious, sunny, homespun treats!

Fall Farm Day
Press cider, learn to pick apples, smell the apple butter cooking in the old kettle, peel and slice and bake… polish apples with our antique apple polisher and taste the herbs of the garden.

FFA and 4-H Invitational - Behind the Scenes in Agriculture
A rare opportunity to get the real, behind the scenes experience on an apple farm. Learn about food safety on a modern farm; work alongside our farm team as they harvest bins of apples for commercial sale; tour a high tech apple packing facility and watch as apples are prepared for national and international destinations! This is an extraordinary chance to see, and to participate in, our very private apple world. Reservations required.