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 Orchard Luncheons

We are so excited about our new season. With great anticipation we look forward to a fantastic year filled with delicious fruits, vibrant flowers and tempting recipes. Our events are far ranging in their tenor. They range from hearty to reflective, garden-y to elegant, old fashioned to dazzlingly new gourmet; each is washed with color - from lilac lavender to sunflower gold.  All are delicious, spirited and fun. Come allow our farm to envelope your senses this year!

Reservations are required for all of our programs and
may be made by calling our market at 585-638-8838. 

Reservations for our programs are pre-paid and non-refundable.


Orchards in Bloom - Lilacs and Appleblossoms Luncheon
Springtime is ethereal on a fruit farm. Drifts of pale pink and snowy white blossoms line orchard lanes, purple lilacs along the farmyard or in a pretty vase all paint pictures for us more elegant than any human hands could ever create. In the orchard we catch our breath with the realization that each bloom has the potential to become fruit. All hope hangs on the fragile beauty of a gossamer flower.

Gourmet Spring Garden Luncheon, with Grace Wong, harpist
On elegant tables framed by our beautiful herb gardens, we will serve our gourmet spring menu. While the strains of music float along a spring breeze and flowers nod along the lavender paths, our servers will greet you with garden recipes that we have been practicing and perfecting. Enjoy this special moment in time on our farm. With harpist Grace Wong.

The Perfect Pansy - a May Day Luncheon
Nodding johnny jump ups; sky blue violas; richly colored pansies. The blossoms of May paint our days with cheer hinting at the growing season upcoming. In this charming luncheon we will explore traditional May celebrations heralding springtime.

Cobblestone Luncheon
Our gorgeous stretch of Ridge Rd, pebbled and sandy and perfect for fruit trees, is home to the most impressive collection of cobblestone homes. Their history is tilled from our soil and our heritage, and their presence fills our landscape with grace and grandeur. This luncheon will feature delicious recipes from the cobblestone era. In addition it will be our privilege to enjoy a brief presentation on cobblestone architecture by Historian Bill Lattin. At the close of the lunch the Cobblestone Museum Complex in Childs, N.Y. will host a complimentary tour, and Bill Lattin will open his extraordinary cobblestone home for viewing. A donation of $5.00 per attendee will be made by Hurd Orchards to the Cobblestone Museum.

Lunch from an Irish Kitchen
Beautifully rustic recipes featuring the emerald herbs of the isles grown in the gardens behind our market. Enjoy foods reflecting heartwarming Irish cuisine from meat pie with our own green tomato mincemeat to Irish soda bread with our luscious preserves.

A Spring Shower of Herbs Luncheon
Trios of herbs complimenting dishes that taste delicious and look just as beautiful. Chive blossoms scattered about a salad, and herb flecked butter, with green and fragrant creamy asparagus soup showered with herbs and lemon zest, refreshing minted meadow punch. Take home a recipe or a bundle of fresh herbs to enliven your kitchen at home! 

The Victorian Table Luncheon
The elegance and formality of the Victorian era reflected in table settings and a multi-course menu with authentic recipes from the mid 1800’s. Our best china, crystal and silver trays will help convey the customs and specialness of these meals. The prosperity of our local area in the late 19th century was proudly displayed in the beautiful architecture and style of local homes. Enjoy an after lunch tour of a town and country Victorian home - the Morgan Manning house and the White Farm both in Brockport NY.

Best of May Gourmet Luncheon
Our luncheon today will feature all that is wonderful from fields and gardens both visually and culinary. Our talented cooks and bakers will share with you wonderful fare, including recipes using asparagus, watercress, rhubarb and perennial herbs - chives, wild onions, parsleys...

Lovely Lemon Luncheon, with Grace Wong, harpist
Once when I was a girl and living in Toronto, Canada, the Queen of England came to town. While she passed by in a stately parade an elegant elderly spectator was overheard to remark: ‘Oh doesn’t the Queen look Lovely in Lemon!’. Since that charming day ‘lemon’ has had a special place in our homes. Even more wonderful - lemon tastes fantastic with all of our fruits! This luncheon, served amid the appropriately soft and melodious strains of the harp, is a formal springtime repast with lemon embroidered both subtly and boldly throughout the fresh garden tastes. With harpist Grace Wong.

Poppies and Popovers Luncheon
By early June the magic of poppies spreads across our flower fields. Suddenly bursting in shades of carmine and coral, crisp white and true orange, poppies of every variety sweep early summer with energy and radiance. This happy luncheon will also feature fresh-from-the-oven popovers served with warm preserves from the kettle.

Geraniums Red and Delphiniums Blue Luncheon
      'There once was a Doormouse who lived in a bed
      Of delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red),
      And all the day long he'd a wonderful view
      Of geraniums (red) and delphiniums (blue)'
                                                                          ... A.A. Milne
A gardener’s poem with the smile of a child. Our barn, our menu, our pots of geraniums and bouquets of delphinium will be nodding in enormous appreciation.

The English Cottage Garden Party
A climbing rose over the garden gate. A sip of tea and a platter of tea cakes; a fruited trifle with English custard. A lady’s luncheon at its height set in a bower of garden flowers.

British High Tea
Years ago we took a family trip to England. At the Ullswater Grange in the Lake Country we were served scones piled with clotted cream and freshly made strawberry preserves, after a repast of tea sandwiches. In that moment we understood the calm, the elegance and the spirit of a high tea in the British Isles. Please join us for this delightful June high tea, complete with starched tablecloths, pretty tea pots, tea sandwiches and sweets.

Strawberry Shortcake Luncheon
Big bowls of strawberries with whipped cream and hot, freshly made biscuits... pitchers of daisies on farm tables nestled between summer salads and fresh breads with herb butters and jams.

Peonies and Old Roses Luncheon
Soft and the palest pink peonies have bloomed in the June gardens of the country for centuries. The elegant peony gives us a sense of suspended time. A June rose is a bit of annual paradise. Nothing parallels this moment of summer. Enjoy this luncheon, with wreath rings of blush and sherbet twined about the punch bowl, and a menu of equal delicacy. Drop back in time.

Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe - A Picnic with Monet
Imagine enjoying a lovely French luncheon in the gardens at Giverny - or Hurd Orchards! A Monet moment with a view of our lush countryside in bloom. Today’s canvass is painted with the flavors of France; ‘confiture du jour’ right out of our kettle, handmade breads, coq au vin, or eclairs filled with fruit and creme patisserie…

Blueberries Up, Blueberries Down!
... delicious blueberries all around!
Blueberry soup or blueberry catsup,
Blueberry muffins and blueberry pie,
Blueberry bouquets and blueberry baskets,
Blueberry jam under blueberry sky!

Blueberry Buckle Luncheon 
Enjoy Luella Machamer’s famous blueberry buckle topped with whipped cream. In 2011 we planted five acres of blueberries in addition to our five acres of mature berries planted years earlier. These babies have now grown and tempt us with several varieties, several new flavors, and several opportunities to experiment with new recipes. Come enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Royal Red Raspberry Luncheon
Today we will feature the exquisite flavors and bright colors of raspberries. Just imagine raspberry chicken - raspberry maple vinaigrette on sparkling garden salad - amazing raspberry jam - and perhaps raspberry Pavlova. You will long remember these wonderful tastes, and the elegance of the occasion.

Festivals and Fairs in the Country 
There is something magical about the perfect summer evening at the County Fair. Farm festivals evoke a special spirit of life in America. Come explore the show - blue ribbon fruits and flowers as well as handmade breads and prize winning preserves. Find yourself in awe as you judge a four layer fudge cake with creamed cheese icing, or a rich fruit crisp served with whipped cream. Let us surprise you with our gourmet take on playful dishes from easy going times.

Cherries Jubilee Luncheon
Fat Black Tartarian cherries. Elegant Emperor Francis - huge cream and pink cheeked cherries - spectacular crimson red Cavalier and lemon yellow ‘golds’ will be featured as garnishes on salads as luscious appetizers and perhaps dipped in chocolate. And nothing is more American than Montmorency cherry pie. Come satisfy your cherry craving. The health benefits are fantastic, but the flavor is unforgettable.

Black Raspberry Luncheon
We’ve figured it out! We grow a full acre of the most elegant black raspberries - plump, glistening in the July sun, and unrivaled in luscious flavor. Black raspberries are rare because they are so difficult to grow.


Summer Pie Luncheon
A slice of pie made with our Yellow Transparent apples is unlike any other apple pie of the entire year. Yellow Transparents ripen on August 1st. Their fragrance in the orchard is like perfume; their flavor is like the sun - mellow and sharp at the same time, warm and smooth at once. This is my favorite pie of all. In mid summer we also make black raspberry pies, or fresh blueberry pies, or summer plum pies - all capture for us visions of back porches in the summer twilight, crickets and katydids chirping in the eve, apples peeled at the kitchen table, berry stained fingers and soft voices by lamplight enjoying the restful feeling of the day’s work done. Enjoy our farm table.

The Canalboat Kitchen - Tales from an Erie Canal Cook
The Erie Canal cuts across the south corner of our farm. We siphon from the canal for irrigation water. As a child I loved climbing around in the then-tattered ‘mule barn’. Upstairs were burned the names of the mules and ‘mulies’ and their teams, drivers overnighting above and teams below. The canal carved our landscape, helped farms flourish, gave rise to prosperous orchards and colorful characters and left behind artifacts we still find buried beneath the plow. Taste Erie Canal recipes from our farm’s own story and lore.

Wine Country Luncheon
How fortunate we are to live in the middle of world class wine country! In celebration of the Niagara and Finger Lakes wineries we are preparing dishes incorporating local wines as well as serving a glass to complement our lunch.

Classic Herb Luncheon with harpist Grace Wong
With the sounds of music floating over our beautiful formal herb gardens we’ll indulge in a marvelous menu incorporating specific herb seasonings with each item. We have magnificent varieties to choose from - both annual and perennial. Herb bouquets will grace our tables, and herbs and edible flowers will garnish our plates. Includes harpist Grace Wong.

Butterfly Garden Luncheon
Our exquisite zinnia garden, with dazzling splashes of brilliant color, hovers and shimmers all the late summer with visiting butterflies. It is magic. Our carefree luncheon will interpret this fairytale moment in color and taste... butterfly cookies included! Butterflies are a gorgeous glimpse at how we share natural world. At the close of this luncheon please join us for our our ‘Linger After Lunch - Farming in a Changing World presentation and then - butterfly cookies!

This luncheon has always focused on the exquisite relationship on a farm between the natural world and the cultivated crop, and our relish and respect for both. Using this
theme as a spring-board we will take a short moment at the close of this luncheon to share with our guests our reflections about how the natural world has been changing around us, and how our farm is adapting in exciting ways to challenges. Keeps us on our toes! So many new things to look forward to…!

Monarch Fiesta and the Monterrey Day
Beautiful butterflies everywhere! All summer long we have been raising Monarch butterflies ready to release for their long flight to their winter home high in the mountains of Mexico. Symbolic of the summer’s end, and as well of our farm’s partnership with our Mexican friends, this luncheon will feature a delicious cross-cultural menu. Taste the tortillas and American apple pie and watch as we release our butterflies.

Sunflower Luncheon
Big splashes of yellows, oranges, golds and burnished chocolate make a striking backdrop for the delectable tastes of August. Our glowing harvests, from garden and orchard will make this luncheon a delight.


End of Summer Luncheon
One last bowl of summer berries. One last day of summer’s enveloping warmth and ease. Gently fold yourself into the sunset of summer’s luxuries - sunshine and peaches - tomatoes and basil - green leaves, blue sky and the garden’s bounty.

Peaches and Cream Luncheon
Bushels of amber and coral surround us in peach harvest. Warmth and bounty abound. The canning kitchen hums with activity and excitement as jar after jar of golden peaches is neatly packed, ready for winter enjoyment. The ice cream freezer turns slowly and rhythmically adding music to our anticipation of an afternoon picnic. There are fresh, ripe peaches to savor, juice running down our chins. Come join our celebration.

Hydrangea Luncheon
There is something about hydrangeas that captures our imagination. Is it the soft and pillowy blossoms from the clearest blues and crisp whites in July or the subtly hued and sophisticated burnishing of autumn? The stateliness of the hydrangea fill our gardens and bouquets with charm from mid summer until frost. Come see how our inspiration has crafted centerpieces from fall’s hydrangea offerings. Enjoy a relaxing lunch and informative talk.

Cobblers and Bubblegum Plum Luncheon
Featuring our new Bubblegum Plum. Baked as a pudding with whipped cream, of course, nothing is more wonderful than a lovely fruit cobbler just removed, steaming, from the oven. Our young plum trees, sports of a hundred year old variety from South Dakota, will finally bear enough fruit for us to use in our kitchens. Come taste with us!

The Cannery - A Living History Luncheon
Colorful lithographed labels. Marmalades and canned raspberries. Tomatoes and pickles and applesauce. Trucks and teams piled high with the harvest. In the 19th century and early 20th century every village in our Orleans County had a cannery. The fields and orchards of the landscape provided. After a delightful, old fashioned farm luncheon featuring original Orleans County recipes and the treasures of our jam kitchen, we will explore the unique history of Orleans canneries.

The Dahlia Garden Luncheon
By late summer and into early fall the dahlias reign in our fields. Their watercolor half shades catch our breath - a cream that is ever so slightly pink and ever so slightly coffee, eggplant purple, red painted with fire orange edges or salmony gold simply glowing in the autumn sun. Join us for this colorful lunch. Enjoy our bouquets filled with prize winning dahlias. Accompany us to our field trials of dahlias and select a favorite blossom to take home.

The Plum and the Pear Luncheon
Pear Almond preserves and Nana’s Plum Elegant. Orchard compotes of warm fruits and savoury spices. Pedestaled still lives with bowls of fruit and earthen crockery filled with deep purple dahlias and bronze accents. A September autumn.

Mattison's Tavern - Cookery from the Inns of Ridge Road
Beneath our little market is the foundation of Mattison’s Tavern. It was the first building built in our town, the Town of Murray, in 1817. My mum says that the basement floor - still beneath us - was herringbone brick, and that bake fireplaces flanked each end. Its doorstep was on the very edge of the road, having stood there awaiting coach travelers since it first opened. We still greet guests with refreshment from this very same spot. And there have been cherry trees about always, even still. Come taste an authentic traveler’s meal.

Orchard Concert Luncheon with Grace Wong
As apple harvest escalates to its most glorious pitch we take this time amid the gathering to share our thankfulness for a wonderful season. With the strains of music drifting above the treetops we’ll enjoy this most wonderful autumn repast resplendent with fall color and tastes. Includes harpist Grace Wong, principal harpist of the Rochester Philharmonic.

First Day of Fall Harvest Luncheon
Since ancient times baskets of fruit, shocks of grain, singing and hearty foods have adorned table and hearth in celebration of the harvest. Walk beneath our harvest doorway garlanded in festal flair. Dine in gourmet simplicity as summer slowly gives way to fall.

Moment Musicale Luncheon
Enjoy a lyric luncheon with soft strains filling our autumn barn. The leaves of the forest, dahlias of the field, gourmet foods and September fruits mingle with music to make this luncheon one of peace and of insight - a luncheon of orchard spirit and flavor.

Indian Summer Luncheon
An unexpected warm day during the fall is savored. Lingering in this summer moment we prepare dishes with the last yet sweetest corn, with one stolen bite of a late peach or tomato or berry and the first of the autumn herbs and mid September apples. 

Of an Autumn Countryside Luncheon
As fall sweeps across the landscape on a breeze the apples seem more flavorful and the maple leaves blaze a bit more red in the sunset. The postcards of our imaginations are stamped with barns and woodland scenes and pies fresh from the oven. Enjoy this All American autumn luncheon followed by self guided tours of our gorgeous landscape - the barns of the town of Sweden, the orchards of Orleans. We will share maps and insights. Come enjoy our homemade fare and an afternoon in the country!

Niagara Epicurean Luncheon
There is a singular style on the Niagara plains. The farmer’s trees are full of fruit; their barns are full of hay. Ridge Road and Rt 18 bustle with the business of orcharding. Stands are busy. Trucks are filled with produce. Old timers and young farmers alike work toward the goal of quality harvest and the lush lake plains remain sheltered - bounded by Erie and Ontario and the great Niagara. Here foods are varied and fresh. Meals are of the season and eaten late. Menus mingle recipes served for centuries in farmhouse kitchens with those reflecting the multi-cultural sophistication inherent in our lives. Reminiscent of the elegant presentation our family experienced at brunch in Cape Town we will serve this meal from serving tables filled with platters of meats and cheeses replete with chutneys and sauces, fresh fruits and juices, breads and cakes and delicacies of the land.


Barn Dance! What’s Old and What’s New in Agriculture
With honeyed beams glowing and lantern light twinkling and festive fall foods
 - Dance the Night Away
 - Meet the Farmers, Young and Old
 - Taste the Treasures of Furrow and Field
 - Cash Bar - presented by regional artisans.

Apple Connoisseur's Luncheon
The aroma of apples permeates every corner of our apple barn in October. For those of us who appreciate the exceptional and sophisticated apple world, this is an exclusive opportunity to explore a range of apples with insights from a grower’s and apple breeder’s perspective. We’ll treat you to tastings of unusual, experimental, heirloom and contemporary apples from the fifty plus varieties in our orchards. In addition to seasonal October entree and vegetables, warm breads and delicious dessert, our luncheon will include apple recipes from soup to nuts. Try our brand new New York State releases!

Heirloom Apples and Robert Frost Luncheon
One of our favorite poems of all times is Robert Frost’s ‘After Apple Picking’. So many of his words speak of our world, a country world of pruning and picking, orchard lanes and farming ways, yet a world more profound, more simple and more sophisticated than often meets the eye. Some of our ancient trees, with great and turned trunks and limbs, through our care still yield the fruits of long ago, fruits telling stories, and watching the same world, through the same lens as Mr. Frost’s.

Maple Leaf Luncheon  - The Canadian Connection
Ablaze with colors from our North Eastern hardwood forests, our 200 year old barn will provide an awe inspiring setting for our sumptuous fall feast. Canadian tastes from French Canada’s ‘pork tortiere’ to butter tarts and traditional maple recipes will delight the palette and punctuate our tasty menu.

Fall Foliage Luncheon
Fall is the culmination of all that is beautiful - the seasonal grande finale. Gorgeous bronze, red and gold leaves, dahlias and zinnias of every hue will provide a feast for the eyes, as we enjoy fall fare featuring squashes, berries, plums, apples and pears. We will tame the riot of color in the countryside bringing inside branches and blooms to glow against the soft color of the old beams and boards of our barn.

Pies, Pies, Pies!
Of history and Americana - chicken pies, apple pies, meat pies, fruits pies, veggie pies, herb pies, plum pies, berry pies! Select from our festive farmland board of delectable, homemade pies - with some lovely salads and side dishes included. Come give a blue ribbon to your favorites.

Life on the Ridge Luncheon
Our Ridge Road, like a ribbon weaves through the heart of fruit country from the gorges of the Genesee to the great Niagara. First an Indian Trail, then a stage coach route, Ridge Road is world famous for its cobblestone houses and for its fruit stands filled with the finest gems of the moment. A lunch focusing on history, folklore and lively local recipes.

Apple Butter And Apple Pie Luncheon
Enhancing our lunch du jour will be hot apple butter right out of the kettle (come watch the process!) served on breads steaming from our bake ovens. And if you could choose any dessert in the world on October 19th it MUST be apple pie! Our featured recipes will compliment a delightful seasonal menu.

“An apple pie when it looks nice
might make one long to have a slice
And if the taste should prove good too
A little slice would hardly do
So to prevent my asking twice,
Please cut for me a great big slice!”
—Betty Hurd

 Apples and Caramel
Hallmarks of autumn both apples and caramel fill our minds and scents and spirits with memories of weather turning crisp, of bushels stacked high, golden leaves and warm kitchens bursting with fresh from the oven cakes. Imagine how delicious this lunch will be.

New Apple Jewels Luncheon
Rubyfrost, beautiful Braeburn, fantastic Fuji, crisp classy Cameo. Our apple world continues to bring forth spectacular new apple varieties - apples with charm and style - apples fulfilling our classic images of the perfect fruit. Taste, learn, and enjoy sophisticated orchard treasures during this fully fall exquisite luncheon.

Pumpkin Gourmet Luncheon
Pumpkin everything! The fields are full of round orange jack-o-lanterns, flat grey-green pumpkins, golden squashes, deep paprika bumpy pumpkins and tiny little mini pumpkins Enjoy this creative luncheon - eat pumpkin soup, old fashioned pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin cake, even pumpkin seeds - they are delicious, believe me, I’ve tried them!

Harvest Table Luncheon
The moment is finally arrived when we have completed the harvest of apples, berries, flowers, pumpkins and squashes. Can you imagine the fun you’ll have savoring our special menu and luxuriating in the colorful harvest gatherings of late October?