Hurd Orchards
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2018 Calendar of Events

We are so glad that you want to come to our farm this year!
We are excited about each 2018 program!

As each event is finalized in our planning
we will list it on the calendar below.
We will continue adding events from
mid-February until our calendar is finished at the end of April.
As soon as an event is listed we would be delighted
to take your reservation.
Calling our market at 585-638 -838 is best.
If we are not right in the market we will call you back,
so please leave a message.

As a farm insight we will share that our last programs will be listed after we are confident about how our fruit crops have
fared through winter and early spring.
This will be in the end of April!
The changing winter and spring temperatures over
the last several years have taught us this lesson.
We will then print our newsletter and send it off in the mail and our final listing will be posted online.

 Reservations are required for all of our programs and
may be made by calling our market at 585-638-8838. 

Reservations for our programs are pre-paid and non-refundable.