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Apple Picking Has Begun!

Market hours:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Pick Your Own: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.   

Peaches!! - last week
Autumn red raspberries
Organic New York State #289 and# 14
Twenty Ounce

Please call our market to reserve your
autumn picnic basket - Fridays and Saturdays

Please call to reserve a time to Pick Your Own

September is a special month on a fruit farm.
It marks the turning of the season
- from the height of summer
to the first glimpse of fall.

The orchards are ripe with fruit
- so much that there are not enough containers
to hold all the plums and peaches,
blackberries and pears…

Sunflowers nod in the field and
dahlias amaze us with their rich colors.
Sometimes, passing by a hedgerow,
one can smell the honey from the bees.
We race to fill jar after jar with golden
preserves and red, red raspberry jam,
and chili sauce
- and geese fly overhead as a reminder
that the year moves forward despite all
- just as it should.! !

This week’s farm offerings are pure September.

     In order to ensure that our staff and guests
are safe at our market we ask that
social distancing rules be followed at all times,
masks be worn, and hand sanitizer
used on entry and throughout your visit. 
Thank you for understanding and
for helping us to keep our countryside healthy!

Our Favorite Things - Pre-orders

Everything at our farm is fresh. 
We would love to have your order ready for you
- straight from the field and oven and kettle
- and prepared especially for you. 

You may order online at our ordering site,
on our Facebook Google orderform,
or by telephone (585-638-8838). 
( Note: please pre order by the evening before you would like to pick up your products.  Remember to let us know in the message section what day and time you would like to arrive.  You can always telephone us for day-of orders.  We’d love to help you!)

     This week our feature items are:

September Bouquet -
hydrangeas, dahlias and zinnias $20.00

Honeycrisp Apples - Limited Quantity!
4 quarts - $15
Gala Apples - 4 qts $12
Heirloom Tompkins County King Apples - 4 qts $12
Organic Apples NYS #12 - 4 qts $12

European Purple Plums - 4 quarts for $20
Blackberries - 4 pts for $20,
or a flat of 12 pts for $54
Red Raspberries - 4 pts for $20,
or a flat of 12 pts for $54,
Golden Peaches - 2 quarts for $11
or 4 qts. for $20
Fantasia Nectarines - 2 qts for $11
or 4 qts. for $20

Blackberry Pie - $18.75
Peach Pie
- $18.75
Plum Pie - $18.75
Red Raspberry Pie - $18.75
Apple Pie - $18.75
Apple Raspberry Pie - $18.75

Raspberry Lemon Muffins - 4 for $15
Peach Almond Bread - $9.75
Honey Oatmeal Bread - $6.75

6 Pumpkin Cookies - $12.00
6 Molasses Cookies - $12.00
6 Peanut Butter Cookies - $12.00
6 Chocolate Chip Cookies w/Walnuts - $12.00
6 Snickerdoodle Cookies - $12.00

Raspberry Peach Jam - $9.75
Grandma Hurd’s Plum Elegant - $9.75
Plum Berry - $9.75
Cinnamon Honey Apple Spread - $9.75
Peach Amaretto - $8.75
Cinnamon Rum Peach - $8.75