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A Valentine's Wreath of Winter Cheer

We love making wreaths with meaning. 
The flowers of our farm and the gatherings
of our meadows are picked and
preserved throughout the year and spun together in our
delicate, whimsical Valentine's wreath.

Each hand wrapped wreath is its own
special combination of flowers and stems
- no two are alike. 
Each measures up to about
twelve inches at its widest point
- just enough color to add a smile to any
corner of your home. 
Included with each wreath is a gift certificate
to use at our farm during the
warmth of our 2020 season.

Order Your Wreath and Gift Certificate Here

Hurd Orchards

Hurd Orchards is a family fruit and flower farm
and canning company nestled in the fertile lake plains of Western New York between the
banks of the Erie Canal and the shores of Lake Ontario. Almost two hundred years ago our ancestors came to these lands and began to till the soil and build communities.

As one of the very earliest farms in Western New York, we have specialized in fruit growing
for over a century and a half.
We continue to build on the tradition of our ancestors incorporating new science,
new cultivars and new approaches to marketing.
Though technology and varieties change, the essence of our thoughts and our daily activities as fruit growers remain the same as years ago.
We are a part of the continuum.

Our farm philosophy centers around
our love of the history and development
of fruit growing in our small piece of rural America,
our endless appreciation for the earthís gifts,
and for the beauty which surrounds us in each season. Cloaked with a mission to share
our love of our farming world,
we explore heirloom recipes for our
beautiful jars of preserves and cordials,
we experiment with both very old and brand new varieties of fruits and flowers,
and we exuberantly offer our
beautiful creations to our guests.

In many ways our history is our future, our community becomes our product, and
our spirit is the breath of our business.