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Gifts From the Farm

Each of our gift boxes is beautifully finished
with greens from our woodland and pine cones
gathered just before the first winter snow.

We often hear from box recipients that
their gift arrived and filled their home with fragrance and fresh holiday spirit - like a flower arrangement.
Nestled inside are the handmade and delicious treasures
we have been making all year long.

Enjoy a handmade Christmas.
Here are some customer favorites from
our online shop to consider -

The Jewels of Winter
a gift box of Rubyfrost Apples

A Farmer's Breakfast
a beautifully packaged, tiered gift set

A Gift From the Farm
delicious offerings from our holiday kitchen

The Farmer's Pantry

     The kettles and the ovens of our farm kitchens
hum all season producing delicacies
in age old tradition.
Jars and cookies, breads and pickles, sauces
and condiments - each with its own story
and its own piquant flavor
are carefully stirred and bottled and baked by hand capturing the wholesome harvest of the earth.
Our pantry shelves are lined with colorful and flavorful treasures ready to enhance to new heights
even the simplest meal.  
     Our Farmerís Pantry Collection includes three succulent treasures delivered each month ready to tuck in your larder and enjoy.
Order a 12 month or 6 month collection.

See full details about each month's box here ...

December: Holiday      
Ships December 15th-24th  
Contents: Cookies, 2 Preserves and recipe booklet

January: A Winter Warmup    
Ships January 10th-15th   
Contents: Mulling Spice Sachet, 1 Applesauce,
1 Chili Sauce, 1 Jam

February: Fancy Flavors for Valentineís Day    
    Ships February 1st - 5th  
Contents:  3 Fancy Preserves

March: Early Spring   
Ships March 15th-20th   
Contents: Cookies, 1 Canned Peach, 1 Maple Syrup

April: Blossom Time    
Ships April 15th-20th   
Contents: 2 Jams, Cookies

May: Spring is Here!  
Ships May 15th-20th  
Contents: 2 Herbal Vinegars, Lemon Squares

June: Fresh from the harvest  
Ships June 25th-30th 
Contents: 1 Herbal Vinegar, 2 Jams
    an Orleans County heritage recipe combining the late June fruits: the strawberry, the red currant, the tart cherry and the red raspberry

July: Cherry and Berry Harvest and
Summertime Picnics

  Ships July 15th-20th  
Contents: 3 Berry Jams

August:  Preparing the Harvest for Winter
Ships August 20th-30th  
Contents: 1 jar Pickles, 2 Jars Preserves

September: Autumn Abundance    
Ships September 15th-20th  
Contents: Cookies, 2 Jams

October:  Song of the Orchardist  
Ships October 15th-20th  
Contents: Pumpkin Bread, 2 Preserves

November: Thankful Menus    
Ships November 15th-20th  
Contents:  3 jars Fruit Accompaniments

See full details about each month's box here ...

Order The Farmer's Pantry
12 months for $500, $200 shipping
6 months for $250, $100 shipping

You may also pick up your boxes at the farm
and not have them shipped.
Call us at 585-638-8838

Our Handmade Pies

Be prepared for 'curtain calls' when you serve Hurd Orchards pies for dessert at your holiday feast! Guests drive for many miles to our market to pick up orders of
freshly baked or frozen pies.

Making pies at our farm is a team effort,
each pie created with love and care.
Our farm team has carefully grown all
of the fruit over many months.
Amy makes all the dough with practiced fingers.
Gabriela and Letitia roll perfect circles for shells.
The rest of our team peel, fill, crimp the edges,
or stamp the identifying design on top
to be ready for the holiday orders for dozens of pies.
You are in for a treat!
Following is a list of the tantalizing
possibilities from traditional apple to bright red raspberry and so many more.

There are many ways to get your pies.
You can pick up your orders of pies, harvest boxes,
jams and condiments, breads, cookies
and centerpieces at our market at 17260 Ridge Rd.
in Holley during our market hours,
or schedule delivery on Christmas Eve at the Baptist Church in Rochester (corner Allens Creek and Clover).

We do require pre-ordering and pre-payment. Pies can be freshly baked or frozen for winter enjoyment.
We feel privileged to provide the crowning glory to your holiday dinner!

-  Sue and Amy -

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00-3:00
or by appointment for private shopping
17260 Ridge Rd. Holley New York 14470 585-638-8838

Holiday Pie and Cake Varieties

Apple Pie
Apple Raspberry Pie
Apple Pecan Crisp Pie
Apple Cranberry Orange Pie
Cherry Pie
Raspberry Pie
Blueberry Pie
Blackberry Pie
Rhubarb Pie
Pecan Pie
Mincemeat Pie
Chicken Pot Pie
Winter Herb Quiche
Pumpkin Pie
Petite Chicken Pot Pie
Petite Minced Pie
Petite Winter Herb Quiche
Petite Pumpkin Cake
Cranberry Orange Cake
Pound Cake
Assorted Breads
Assorted Cookies
Holiday Harvest box

Call 585-638-8838 to order!!