Hurd Orchards

Welcome to Hurd Orchards

We Will Be Here

We will be here producing fruit and flowers
to share without giving up
Our farm has been here for two centuries and we will be here for our community throughout all.
With each passing decade our predecessors
realigned and reinvented our farm to
meet a changing world.
We, too, will meet this frightening time
with the same creativity and the same tenacity,
shaping new visions of what and how we farm,
and how we share and market our fruits.

Spring Is Beginning

Snowdrops blossoming and peepers peeping (last night!)
beautiful psylla coming through the leaves about to
surround us in an ocean of powder blue,
and spring green moss at our feet.
We are reminded that life goes on with the quiet regularity
and timelessness of the ages.
We are also reminded about the essential life-giving work that we do as farmers,
the work of producing food.
Agriculture has a special role in this frightening time as we still need to work
to ensure the safe nourishment of the world -
despite challenges.


A Few Changes

Here are a few market changes for this season:
We will publish our annual newsletter just about the 1st of June when we hope to have a clear
vision of how our year might take shape.

We will not be able to host our Mother’s Day Tea -
and we may open our market late this year with an invigorating new plan….
… just in time for luscious strawberries…         

Watch for news of our
Mother's Day Tea-In-A-Box
gift to share!