Hurd Orchards

Welcome to Hurd Orchards

Ways that you can experience and support
our farm during the winter season

Order our Winter Warm Up online for
easy meals on chilly winter nights

Join our Pie Club!
a pie a month throughout the winter and early spring!

Order Winter Harvest Boxes - our series of four wholesome boxes of foods from our farm

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The Farmer's Pantry

     The kettles and the ovens of our farm kitchens
hum all season producing delicacies
in age old tradition.
Jars and cookies, breads and pickles, sauces
and condiments - each with its own story
and its own piquant flavor
are carefully stirred and bottled and baked by hand capturing the wholesome harvest of the earth.
Our pantry shelves are lined with colorful and flavorful treasures ready to enhance to new heights
even the simplest meal.  
     Our Farmer’s Pantry Collection includes three succulent treasures delivered each month ready to tuck in your larder and enjoy.
Order a 12 month or 6 month collection.

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Farm Reflection

It is mid winter now on our farm. 
Snow has gently fallen and cloaked the land,
though we know that sometime a hint of sun
will melt the ice and soften the earth and again
we will plant and prune and tend and harvest. 
For now time is gently suspended and
our days are spent  between planning and peace.

Winter is the season of ideas. 
The subtle voice of the growing season
that whispers ‘there is so much to be done’
has quieted, and it is calm all about.
With a cup of tea in hand, dreaming out
over a whitened landscape, we are given liberty
to let our minds wander to envision a
world that might be.  
In our minds, just like our favorite song the
big rock candy mountain, ‘the farmer’s trees are full of fruit, their barns of full of hay’. 
In our  winter minds our farm is perfection,
barn roofs in perfect repair; orchard lanes neat
and straight, lovely flavors and scents
from kitchens and glorious flowers all about. 

Our Appreciation

We would like to extend the most heartfelt thank you to each of our guests and supporters for your
extraordinary efforts to sustain our farm through the challenges of last year. 
You made all the difference!

Our Hurd Orchards’ community is remarkable - caring, supportive, creative, enthusiastic.
Whether we see you once a year for Thanksgiving Pies or holiday gift boxes, or whether you
picked your own luscious fruits each week throughout
the summer and fall, or pre-ordered picnic lunches and harvest boxes each month or each week,
or ordered flats of berries, pecks of peaches
and freshly baked breads - please know that we notice and are both touched by
and appreciative of, the remarkable outreach to us of each and every one of our friends.
Thank you.

In the midst of last year’s endless strife we found great joy, strength and solace in the gifts of the earth. 
Reassuringly we began spring with buds and blossoms. We welcomed summer with warm rain
and enveloping sunshine. We cared for our farm with the care that we always have, and we
harvested abundant fruits from June through October.

Throughout 2020 we reimagined every step of our farming and marketing,
working to ensure safety on all fronts. The creative ideas that flowed reshaped our farm,
and we blossomed anew. There are so many fun, new ideas to mingle with our ongoing traditions!

We look forward with hope to the season upcoming. 

Amy, Sue and Amelia