Hurd Orchards

Weekend Market Helpers Needed
Our market is a busy place during harvest!
We are looking for extra market sales staff
for the season.

Please telephone our market at 585-638-8838
if you are interested in joining us.


Harvest Boxes

Our spectacular harvest boxes can be ordered at $30 each to be picked up at our market Wednesday afternoons between 4:30 and 6:00,  or delivered to the 1st Baptist Church at Allenís Creek and Clover between 5 and 5:30.  Order our harvest boxes by the month, order by the week, or share a monthís worth with friends each taking their own week.

This is a fantastic way to incorporate our fresh farm products into your daily lives and diets. We love eating with the seasons and we feel that the wholesome foods that we grow and the beauty of the colors of the season are one of the biggest privileges of our farm lives. 
Join us in enjoying the daily surprises
from our earth and kitchens.

Read more about the farm fresh treats you can 
expect in a Harvest Box >>

Welcome to Hurd Orchards

Spectacular October

SNAPDRAGON  apples are ready!  Western New York's new premiere Apple variety.
This is the perfect weekend for picking.

We also commence EMPIRE apple harvest. Empire is a classic full flavored Apple born, bred and grown here in our own New York.  Available picked and pick your own.

Our Apple barn features heirloom apples including Snows and Jonathan's, Tallman Sweets and
Pound Sweets, and our very special
Low Spray Apple collection (also available for picking)

Our bakery hums with Apple raspberry pies and pumpkin cookies.  Hot cider steams in the kettle and apple butter bubbles.  Bittersweet hangs from the rafters and dahlias tempt us with autumn glow.

Come to the country!

Autumn Lunches in the Barn
     Our handmade chicken pot pies, old fashioned quiche, warm breads from our oven with
apple butter fresh-from-the-kettle. 

Served Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5
beginning September 19th.

Come enjoy the farm!